Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tweaking My Head

If you've read this blog for a while, you know two things:
  • I'm not the sort who changes avatars as one would change clothing, and hence I give serious thought to possible changes... but also
  • I am not satisfied with my head; it looks sufficiently like the stereotypical pointy-chinned anime head that I have made fun of it
So, this morning I finally sat down (in RL) and stood up (in SL) and did something about it. Here is the result... and it's amazing how I'm hesitating in RL before typing this and inserting the photo, and will probably hesitate again before clicking "publish". (I have to laugh at myself a little because of that...)

I may tweak my nose a bit... we'll see.

UPDATE: Sorry, Kaseido, I missed a good geeky reference by not titling this post "Fun With My New Head".

YAUPDATE: Eek! I swear, the image didn't look that dark when I saw it locally.  If this tweaked version doesn't work, I'll go inworld and get another picture.

UPDATE**3: T talked with Reine, and she suggested that I tweak my nose, so I did. Here's the result--I should have gone for something a bit less like a mug shot. *sighs*

1 comment:

Kaseido said...

A great laugh to start the morning!

And, gorgeous work: you've come out looking more "you," which is the point, right? :)