Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bring back global illumination

For a while, there was a graphics option in the Second Life client called "global illumination". With global illumination, objects are rendered not just based on direct light, but also reflected light. Raul Crimson has a blog entry that shows a scene with and without global illumination; it gives you an idea of the difference it makes. There's definitely overhead involved with it, but it makes SL graphics more real, or should I say verisimilitudinous?

Unfortunately, we no longer have that choice, at least for now. From JIRA entry SH-2965, "Global illumination didn't even work properly. It was unfinished, and Runitai decided it was best to just remove it with the OpenGL 3 upgrade."

That JIRA entry asks that global illumination again be made an option. I hope you'll consider voting for and watching it. Thanks.

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