Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Couple designs their dream house with Google Sketchup--are they part of the "3D elite"?

From The Tennessean:
Using Google Sketchup, a 3D modeling program usually used by architects, engineers and other design professionals, not homeowners, [Philippe and Thao Jeanty] drew the plans for their home and all of its high-tech, low-environmental-impact features on a computer screen.
 So, were these folks part of that "elite" that knows how to use 3D design software? Um, no, not as far as I can tell. Philippe is a physician; the article doesn't mention what his wife's occupation is. They ran into problems, but got quick answers when they asked questions on support message boards.

When mesh comes to the main grid, a lot of people who've spent time on the beta grid will already know how to use it. Others will learn, just as they have for sculpted prims. There is no elite.

UPDATE: The link to The Tennessean is broken; check out USA Today instead.

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