Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Civiltà Cattolica on hacking

I didn't expect this, any more than I'd have expected the Spanish Inquisition in the Monty Python sketch... but Father Antonio Spadaro has written an article on hacking (in the original sense, thank you very much, and Fr. Spadaro quotes ESR on the distinction!) for Civiltà Cattolica. I don't know of a link to the article proper, but Techworld has a post about it.


ameira_loire said...

It always seemed to me that we were looking at the wrong derivation of 'hack' this is the one I prefer:

'Hacking is a traditional technique used by falconers whereby young falcons, approximately 4 weeks old, are released in a semi-wild state in order to improve their flying and hunting skills before being trained in falconry.'

Just replace falcon with programmer and falconers with managers.

Seems about right doesn't it?


ameira_loire said...

I like this version even better:

The state of partial freedom before being broken to the jesses.