Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bodice Ancient Clothing returns to the grid

Reine kindly let me know that Bodice Ancient Clothing has returned to the grid on The Cyclades sim. They have an assortment of Minoan-style dresses at prices varying from very reasonable to "how can they afford to sell it for this?".

I hope to have photos up soon, but along with all the other things that have been happening lately, either my router, DSL modem, or ISP is flaking out on me, which is making it harder to stay in SL and take pictures. Roseanne Roseannadanna was right.

I apologize in advance--even when I have photos, it's going to be a bear to make the short skirt versions usable for me, because I go to extremes about leg length, which makes glitch pants stick out beneath the hem of skirts (long skirts, too, but it's less noticeable).

UPDATE: I've managed to get photos with one outfit from Bodice at least. It's NSFW, so it's after the break.

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