Thursday, March 24, 2011

OK, so I tried it...

...and, as Queen Victoria would say, we are not impressed.

I grabbed the Snowstorm SL client that supports point-and-click to move, and enabled it. Then I tried two things:
  • clicking (or rather, double clicking) on a point with an obstacle on the direct line between me and the point
  • clicking on a point with water on the direct line between me and the point
For the first, well, at least it was smart enough to stop when I hit the chair. For the second, into the drink I went.

I shudder to think what would happen at a store hundreds of meters in the air had I tried to cross a gap.

The sole virtue, IMHO, is that enabling point and (double) click doesn't preclude the old standard arrows to move, so on the rare occasion that it proves useful, you can use it, and stick with arrows the rest of the time. I didn't try interrupting it, as you'd definitely want to do if someone unexpectedly appeared in or walked into that straight line path that is all it knows to do.... and that is supposed to be the savior of Second Life?  Puh-leeeze.

P.S. Am I opposed to it, as per Hamlet Au? Only when I think of the opportunity cost. What actually useful things were put off or discarded in favor of... this?


Danball Tureaud said...

So... you are just now getting around to testing a feature that has been in Phoenix (and previously Emerald) for over a year now?

I like double click teleport. Certainly faster than walking or running to a spot in the sim

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Had no idea that it was there. (Shame on me for not reading the instructions.) I could see double click teleport being handy--the feature in Snowstorm isn't that, but actually walking to the spot you double click on.

Kaseido said...

I've had it with Hamlet - he's really disappeared up his own obsessions.

I guess The Sims uses point and click - as do some Asian MMOs. It's certainly not something that Western gamers are accustomed to, let alone clamoring for.

Plus, it was the only movement system in Blue Mars, and widely reviled by users on the forums. But of course, Blue Mars users were just ungrateful SL Residents anyway, so why listen to them?

Between being a corporate idiot and being a shill for corporate idiots... give me the Lindens. At least they're actually doing stuff, however misguided.

Danball Tureaud said...

Oh, that's called double click autopilot in Pheonix.

Doubleclick TP is Ctrl-Shift-D in Phoenix.