Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you can't have a sunken cathedral... about a semi-submerged pipe organ?

A dear friend, Reine, collects Second Life musical instruments, including really gorgeous stringed instruments like oud, pipa, vihuela de mano, lute, theorbo, and the like. (Drums, too; she has a sweet tabla.) But I'd never have expected this...

So for a while I took pictures with various Windlight settings while she played gorgeous baroque organ music partially underwater at the beach on Crete. Great fun!

UPDATE: Oops! Reine properly corrects me in the comments; she has an archlute, not a theorbo. 

UPDATE: Nae, Reine may well have told my absent-minded self where she got the pipe organ, but I don't remember. Peeking at SL Marketplace turns up a fair number of pipe organs. Help, please? [tries for the big puppy dog eyes look]


ameira_loire said...

I don't have a theorbo. I haven't found one yet,but I do have a lovely archlute.

A lovely picture. I took a dozen, but this one is the best one by far.


Gina said...

Can I know where I purchase this pipe organ? And where I can view it inworld?

Nae MAyo

Gina said...

I already checked all the pipe organ on Marketplace. None are as beautiful as this one.

Nae Mayo