Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mystery of Bodice Ancient Clothing Solved

Here's what happened: Bodice Ancient Clothing now exists only on Second Life Marketplace.

There's a certain logic to it. No tier, no rent, just income... or does Linden Lab charge for a presence in the Marketplace? On the other hand, it does eliminate the social act of shopping, and thus may also miss some sales--aren't you more likely to buy if you're with other people, chatting and shopping?


ameira_loire said...

Good.There were still a few dress I wanted to buy.



Kaseido said...

Unfortunately, I imagine it'd take a *lot* of sales to offset the exorbitant cost of SL tier - for small vendors, particularly of specialty items, it probably doesn't make sense.

And yes, this is a deliberate decsion by LL to move shopping to the web - where they do get a direct cut.

And yes, with shopping one of SL's core activities, it does damage community.

Another entirely typical LL decision.