Monday, February 22, 2010

From a distance... a Caledon Smiley Face

If you've been in Second Life any time at all, you're familiar with the map, which gives you an aerial view of SL letting you pan and zoom. It makes it easy to find places where people (or bots... sigh) are, or that have geographical or geological features you might be interested in.

Some places are built to call attention to themselves for the map user. Most often I've seen buildings with labels or ads painted atop them. This morning, I finally noticed another approach taken in a place one might think of as staid and formal.

If you've yet to see the many lovely sims that comprise greater Caledon, I urge you to take a look. You might want to start at Caledon Victoria City. You'll arrive at a central telehub in a circular lawn surrounded by some of the many excellent stores that one can find in Caledon. One one side you'll find wagons laden with a sampling of quality freebies. You will want to take advantage of them as a thrifty and quick way to dress for the region.

Nothing struck me as unusual about the arrangement. It seemed purely utilitarian, until I took a look at the map:

Caledon Victoria City greets you on the map with a smiley face! (Come to think of it, the walkways are almost reminiscent of the old black and white TV test pattern...) Guess I'm slow on the uptake, Guv'nah...

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