Sunday, February 14, 2010

The column vanishes...

OK, this is weird.

After restoring files, I went to look at the blog... and found that the right hand column had gone missing, aside from the Free Software Foundation link.

I tried creating a new user on my system that would have a freshly-created profile. Same thing. I upgraded to Firefox 3.6. Same thing. I tried a different computer. Ditto. I tried Opera. No change.

The only way I can see my blog in its entirety today is to use Chromium (the Linux version of Google's Chrome browser).

Time to go seek out help from Blogger.

UPDATE: It's something about the FSF link I had in that column--the referenced Javascript file has to have changed somehow. I've let them know about it, and for now, it's gone.

There is, though, a bright side to everything--it motivated me to back up my Firefox profile and restore just the important pieces of it. Now it renders the middle column nice and wide, as Chromium and Opera do.

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