Tuesday, December 09, 2008

TWiT just doesn't get it

Sigh. I usually enjoy TWiT, even if it does have John Dvorak, but this week they propagated BS about SL.

It started with mention of Reuters closing up shop in SL, and went into the "it's just naked people pretending to have sex" routine. Dvorak even said "you gotta make money, you gotta eat food..." (but then, Dvorak's whole shtik is saying sufficiently outrageous and stupid things that people drive up his page hits in either utter disbelief or rage). Earth to Dvorak: SL avatars aren't tamagotchi, OK?

Sigh. Leo, you should know better than that. Thirty seconds scanning New World Notes would disabuse one of the notion that SL is solely or even mostly about cybersex.

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