Monday, December 22, 2008

SL on your netbook?

A very popular new sort of device is the "netbook", a tiny laptop computer, often with mass storage devices lacking moving parts. The goal: long times between battery recharges and access to the web and "cloud computing." To achieve that, one trades away performance; netbooks typically have CPUs of moderate speed and low-performance integrated graphics.

A c|net article says that nVidia is looking into chipsets for netbooks that will provide respectable graphics. Graphics performance currently depends on lots of power-hungry devices running in parallel; can nVidia give acceptable graphics performance without tying users to the wall outlet?

I certainly hope so; I want a netbook that will let me on SL.


Anonymous said...

I have had SL running on a minimal spec eeePC 2Gb Surf - this is one of the first Netbooks, has just an 800x480 screen and just 2Gb of disk space (and I think 512Mb RAM)

Admittedly I did pimp it quite heavily, but nothing beyond your capabilities as linux geek. The results were not pretty - about 7fps with absolutly minimal settings, but it was usable enough to log on, pay rentals, admin inventory and talk to friends. Perfectly fine for travelling with when minimal luggage is required.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Oooh.... I will give it a try, then. The tiny form factor is very appealing.