Monday, December 22, 2008

New Prim Breasts from Foxbean Laboratories

Although this is so not a fashion blog (thanks to Cheyenne Palisades for the phrase), I should do some things that have been established as conventions for such blogs to simply be up front and give the reader all information that might influence his or her assessment of a post:
  • Foxbean Liebknecht is a very dear friend.
  • Yes, she gave me a set of these.
So, that said: the Nadine v1.3 prim breasts that Foxbean Laboratories has just released are
  • magnificent (sorry, you'll have to look at one of the ads)
  • adaptable (size, position, and texture easily set via the HUD)
  • thoroughly documented (including details of creating a clothing texture to go on the clothed version)
In one set you get versions that are designed to go well with four different skins from Redgrave.

It will take a while to fully explore all the features--a process I'm sure I will enjoy--and now I have no excuse whatsoever not to broaden the set of tops I can wear with prim breasts.


Sophrosyne Stenvaag said...

I just picked up the Eclectic Randomness set from your recommendation - very impressive!

Looking forward to trying these now as well...and to some photos from you!

Foxbean said...

Thank you dearly, Melissa.

/hugs and kisses