Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Roseanne Roseannadanna Moment

Sigh. It looked like things were back to normal. I could see the map. I could teleport. I could see people's profiles. I could see my L$ balance.

But just now, I logged on, and decided that I'd had my fill of Victorian clothing for a while. Gee, the room looks bigger than usual... Oh, no--I was partially Ruthed! " least I can change clothes," I, I couldn't. I was stuck in the "loading appearance" limbo. Rebaking makes no difference. Relogging makes no difference.

It just goes to show, it's always something.


Ville Winkler said...

Had my own roseanne moments twice during the last couple of days. After logging in I appeared as female avie - surely that must have hurted my male neko reputation pretty badly :)

Pandora said...

Is it me, or is SL now completely offline? cant login, and the website also seems to be gone.

Pandora said...

Whaargh, nevermind, its my ISP, some sites are unavailable here :-( connection with US is somehow borked.