Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Cannery: Wow.

The Cannery has opened. I'm amazed, and inspired.

This exhibit is open until November. You'll want to take your time to see it; there's a lot to see. The photographs there are beautiful, clever, evocative... and show me that I have a lot to learn. (The learning will be fun, I suspect.)

My mouth is still hanging open.

P.S. At least some of the photographers featured have their work on flickr... but there's nothing like an art gallery, be it real or virtual, to display art as it should be seen. Go see it.

P.P.S. OK, barring a gallery, the next best thing is a big book... I bought one long ago with André Kertész's photos of models' reflections in fun house mirrors, and it was a glorious thing. Turns out there will be a book—not as big as the Kertész book, but not tiny either—of the art from the exhibit at the Cannery.

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