Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Utterly unencumbered by responsibility

If you've ever been to Shadow Brook or Serenity Falls, you know they are among the most beautiful places in Second Life.

If you've never been to them... well, you may never get the chance now.

The libsecondlife project has as its stated purpose "[creating] a stable platform for third-party Second Life development." Unfortunately, what they've done is release a program, CopyBot, that makes it trivial to copy things, regardless of their permission settings, and crash sims. (That last part is a server bug... and I'm sure that is comforting knowledge to everyone.)

libsecondlife claims not to endorse the theft of intellectual property... but has left this glittering knife out for any infant to grab. Why? They're "proud of [their] achievement." It's said to be still retrievable via libsecondlife's subversion server, and still for sale on SLexchange. Any griefer or script kiddie can retrieve it. Yes, the program takes advantage of a bug that Linden Labs must correct... but make the scum figure it out themselves.

Linden Labs goes on at length about how developers own what they create, and the opportunities SL provides... but that's not true any more, and the people who actually work to make SL the diverse and fascinating place it is have had the rug pulled out from under them by people who have the support of LL. You can kiss quality goods in SL goodbye now.

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