Friday, November 03, 2006

If this be Rapture for the Nerds, then make the most of it...

"I'm a nerd." —Revenge of the Nerds

So, I was listening to the oft-bashed (in some quarters) Mike Oldfield album Earth Moving on the iPod, and started thinking about SL as the last track played:
This town is just a fake,
A place where you can't tell the devil from your brother.
Poisoned every breath you take,
It's just like one nightmare after the other.

You know, it's not too late to leave tomorrow,
'Cause I know where I'm going.

I am building a bridge to Paradise....
(Ironically, yesterday someone with a charming faun avatar, whom I'm sure some fundamentalists would consider Satanic, started a conversation with me—he/she had met someone interested in classical music on SL, and hoped I'd met her, knowing I'm interested in early music. He/she isn't my brother, but is my friend now... and if you're reading, I'm still sorry I left abruptly when another friend offered me a TP!)
This town you can't control,
A place that fascinates, hits you with the drama.
Don't worry now for my soul
'Cause I'm heading for a higher panorama.

You know, it's not too late for you to follow,
'Cause I know where I'm going.

I am building a bridge to Paradise....
I figure that the Singularity is a lot more likely than that original Rapture, and hence is worth working towards... and to counter an argument from someone who went on at great length and with minimal courtesy in a discussion I saw elsewhere, I would argue that it's advantageous overall for some people to actually do something other than care for the less fortunate. If nobody created wealth, then we'd all be equal, all right, but not in a state anyone save perhaps the most rabid "deep ecologists" would want.


Mordecai said...

I could not agree with you more, my love. My personal opinion is that fanatics of any shade, including any one who considers themselves a Green (as opposed to those more level-headed folk who are ecologically aware) are as big a threat, if not bigger, than global warming/ climate change. Any one of them could nuke us back into a Stone Age for their own purposes, be it an Islamic Fundamentalist State, A Christian Fundamentalist State, or a Technophobic Green Nirvana. Hang 'em all, I say! Eh, whats that? To the right of Genghis Khan? Who, me? :-)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

All I can say about stacking the skulls in a pyramid, dear, is: NIMBY.