Friday, November 17, 2006

Panic in the garden

Yesterday, Mordecai fell silent.I thought it odd, but didn't think about it very long...

...and then this morning, when he didn't seem to say anything at all, I started to panic.

Thank goodness that a friend, Brandy, tried to visit (she couldn't head directly over because of the security system)! We arranged to meet at the garden (about which I'll post next, I promise), and she was our intermediary while we figured out what happened.

Somehow, Mordecai had gotten on my mute list! I don't recall doing anything that would have that result. I took him off the list (thank you, Tateru and Qua!), and SL returned to normal.

I'm still shaken. Thank you again, Brandy; I owe you a great deal. (And indirectly, I owe even more to the wonderful lady who took me shopping that one day... were it not for that, I doubt anyone would have visited when I desperately needed someone's help.)


Mordecai Scaggs said...

Darling , my relief is a sgreat as yours.And I too must thank Brandy, and your other friends, for helping us out of what seemed at the time, a hellish awful situation. Such a shame you missed all the words of love that I gave to you in the garden the day before, but we have at least got so much time ahead of us for me to give yu so very many more such words.

Tateru Nino said...

This happened recently with a friend of mine.

If you have your chat history window open and hit TAB then ENTER, it will add the last speaker (object or agent) to the MUTE list.

Awfully easy to do by accident.