Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Weight

The July Busted is out... and has been for a while, of course. You should read it. Even if you have, somehow, resisted the incredible photography, editorials, and columns, there's an article in the July issue important to all of us who wish to go beyond the limits of the stock avatar bosom: Bellimora's article "The Weight of a Big Bust."

It's weight, Jim, but not as we know it--and we who tend towards the high end of the size spectrum are thankful. The weight in question is that which counts in Second Life: the number of scripts and memory usage. Bellimora has gone to the trouble of determning those values for many of the breast attachments of Second Life. (And prices, too, a good thing to know.) Along with the table of data is a lot of other good information--and it's good to read that her experiences with those who make it possible for us to realize our dreams are consistent with mine; they are good people and willing to help.

I personally am happy to see that my favorites, Foxbean's breasts, have decreased in their "weight" as time has gone on, and that she's working to improve them still further.

Don't miss this issue. (Don't miss any of them, actually; Busted is the premiere magazine for the Second Life busty community.)

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