Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A new magazine: BaZoomba

Yesterday I got a notice with an attached magazine: the first issue of BaZoomba. One can infer from the title that this is a magazine featuring well-endowed models. I spent a little time before having to go to work reading it--or at least trying to.

The photography is very good indeed. I'm going to have to give the text another try, though. My aging eyes don't have a good time with the somewhat condensed Times Roman Italic white text on black background, especially with the amount of text on the pages. The initial greetings were larger and easier to read... but they were greatly in need of proofreading. (I can sympathize with that; good proofreading is not an easy task. We humans are forgiving of errors, or perhaps it's just that we zip over text and overlook mistakes, like the infamous "Paris in the the spring" in a triangle.)

Do check it out. I look forward to seeing future issues, and I hope that BaZoomba will set up a web site to make issues available. I am too seldom on SL these days to spend my time in world reading a magazine. (I can't tell someone "please leave me alone, I'm reading a magazine" while in-world; it would make me feel really bad!) Also, on a browser window I can make text big enough to read. (I once made the mistake of making an in-world magazine too big. I had to detach it, unable to get back to the controls; I don't remember whether I was able to shrink it back down.)