Tuesday, September 04, 2012

More early clothing--yay!

Eira Kalil of Tiny Things has come out with a new dress, "Tudor". It's gorgeous, and like all Tiny Things products are amazingly inexpensive. Can you believe this is L$35, including shoes?

I am such a pushover for beautiful lacy detailed textures... so this dress makes me a seriously happy camper. Thank you, Ms. Kalil.

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Eira Kalil said...

When I arrived to SL, I couldn't get decent clothes or any other product at low-cost, to get the nice looking things usually you need to spend a lot of lindens or many time looking for decent and cheap things.

So when I created Tiny Things on my mind was make all my products available for anyone.

I love to build in SL and my prize is to see others using my creations, and as always say to anyone who ask me why my products are so cheap, you always can donate if you feel to do it :P.

Thank you Melissa for the pic, I love to see my dresses on others avatars ;).