Sunday, September 09, 2012


I forget what the buzzphrase is. A dictatorship maintains strict control over communications, so that each person thinks he or she is alone in thinking things are fundamentally wrong. When that control cracks, and people realize that they are not only not alone, but in the majority, they act, and the dictatorship falls. (Ah, that's what it's called: "preference cascade".)

I couldn't help thinking of that when I read about changes to the Second Life JIRA in a post in Tateru Nino's essential blog, Dwell on It. You can now only see JIRA entries that you yourself have submitted. Not only that, once it's been triaged, you will no longer be able to comment on it.

Before, people could say "go look at [link to JIRA entry] and vote for it/follow it/comment if you've had this problem". Goodness knows I've done it with VWR-1258, for example. No longer. If you've tripped over a bug someone else reported and just happen to have a log file with the needed information to show its cause, it won't help unless you report the bug and someone recognizes it in the flood of entries that will come because don Fulano de Tal can't see any other reports of the bug he shares with others.

This change to JIRA behavior is not something that someone actually wanting SL to propser would do, IMHO.

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