Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julianna Fashion

I happened to go searching for "busty" the other day. I saw "Busty's Beach Island" which I'd recently taken a very short trip to, and then saw "Busty Bitches Mall"--not a particularly enticing name, but I took the plunge and teleported.

They have a good bunch of shops there... but Julianna Fashion caught my eye, and I bought the Coral Silk Black Roses Long Dress. It came with two clothing layer appliers, one for (Implant Nation, I believe) Universal Implants, and one for Lolas. No problem--the Lolas applier got the clothing layer on the Foxbean Laboratories "Christina" breasts, and armed with the information from Maggie's excellent series in Busted, minor tweaks to the horizontal and vertical repeat factors had wonderful results:

I'll explore Julianna's main store as soon as possible.

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