Friday, April 20, 2012

Must-read from Penny Patton

i'm not sure whether there will be more parts of the "Beautiful SL" set of articles on Penny Patton's Digital Pasture blog. I hope there will. In any case, you really should read the two parts that are there now.

In it, she writes about why parts of SL, notably the infohubs, welcome areas, and other public works areas, are not beautiful and what can be done to fix that.  Whether or not one is of the "Second Life is not a game" persuasion--funny how that's reminiscent of the FIAWOL/FIJAGDH division in SF fandom--people have very high expectations of graphics quality set by games, and Second Life had better at least come close (which it can, as Penny shows) if it's going to survive.

I want it to be a proud thing to be an SL resident, but let's try to keep it from being lonely, please.

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