Monday, April 30, 2012

I hope I don't have to drop back to screenshots...

Lately I've been crashing every time I try to save a photo to disk in Second Life. Firestorm, the LL client... they both do it. Could this be related to my Ubuntu upgrade? I hope not; it's hard to believe anything would change about the file save dialogue.


UPDATE: VWR-28846. Linux users, please vote for and follow this one; it's serious proctalgia. Also, if you use 64-bit Linux, please leave a comment here and let me know (1) which distribution, release thereof, and windowing interface you use and (2) whether you have this problem? Maybe it will help narrow things down.

UPDATE: There may be two issues. When I look at the log, I see a message in which the client gripes about a library being 64-bit; someone running 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 sees a message about PCRE (a library that does regular expressions in the style of the Perl scripting language) being compiled without UTF-8 support.

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