Friday, October 21, 2011


Sigh... going back through inventory, I see that I've accumulated a lot of so-so shoes. Worse yet, some shoes that I've counted on over the years don't look good any more. Now, invisiprim-based shoes don't always hide the mutant foot shape, which flashes in and out of existence as you pan the camera. It doesn't look like it will be fixed, if that's even the right term. (See Whirly Fizzle's comments on a pertinent Firestorm JIRA entry.) Invisiprims are a hack that builders were driven to use in the days before alpha layers.

So, I must sadly kiss those shoes goodbye (any chance of an alpha version of those lovely Vintish heels, Aphrodite? *bats eyelashes and tries for the sad-eyed puppy look*) and seek out alpha layer shoes (mesh? Only when they can adapt to my shape, thanks)... but L$ are sparse these days, so I'm liable to be more confined to basic black for a while.

But wait! There are tintable shoes out there. This is Second Life, and in theory, for solid colors and apart from some special textures (e.g. metallic), all one need do is get white shoes, edit, fiddle with the color that is overlaid on the texture, and there you are. (Similarly, one could mostly just get albino hair and tint as desired.) And sure enough, there are some that can use an alpha layer--it's nice to see that some virtual cobblers aren't in the business of selling you almost exactly the same thing over and over. I'm accumulating a list before I set out shopping. (Now if only one could both wear hosiery and shoes with prim feet...)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Way to remind me how many invisiprim shoes I have...mainly ZHAO and Moodies. It's all been boots and N-Core lately. We should go shopping sometime. And...if you'd like the material for your entries, I'd be happy to show you progress thus far on the "Busty in Gor" front.