Wednesday, October 05, 2011

By golly, if LL won't do it...

...hire someone to do it!

There's a proposal on that people can contribute to. The proposal: hire Karl Stiefvater, formerly Qarl Linden, to implement the software proposed in SH-2374. As I write, $1,501 of $5,400 needed has been raised.

Also as I type, 827 have voted for the proposal. If they all forked over $6.53 (US dollars), it would be paid for. Sounds reasonable to me.

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ameira_loire said...

This will only work if it can all be done in viewer code which I very much doubt. I'm betting that this is being 'deferred' because its impact on the servers is too large for Linden Labs to absorb.

I hope before any code is written that someone makes sure that LL will be willing to use it.