Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I try to make everyone's day a little more surreal" -- Calvin

In my wandering and searching for metal and stone skins, I happened across something really strange: prim breasts with mouths. They can smile or frown, and can open to let a tongue out in any of various positions (not independently; whatever position or state one is in, the other is as well). One can switch between nude and having a simple bandeau. The shape of the prim breasts themselves is not particularly realistic, and to change their size requires explicit editing; the HUD that accompanies them is devoted purely to the mouth/tongue and choice of nude or dressed.

They sound like just the thing for surreal machinimas, and I got a set for fun and to check them out, but I think I would like some improvements.

I think the maker would find a larger market if the mouths were sold by themselves and could be attached to one's prim breasts of choice, ideally adjusting to match the size of the prim breasts. That would let the maker build on existing work and concentrate on what makes the product special, i.e. the mouths--existing prim breasts have far more choices of skin and clothing. Also, the mouths are determinedly goth, i.e. they look like they have black lipstick. I'd want them and the tongues tintable. It would be especially neat if the tongues could randomly flick out.... but I shouldn't get carried away.

In brief: a unique and twisted concept, but it needs work.

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Kaseido said...

What a terrific review!

Clearly written tongue-in-umnevermind... :)