Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Happy Reunion

I am embarrassed to say that I hadn't seen Sara Halberd in a long time, but this morning (when I really should have been sleeping) I signed on and Laurana Newell offered me a TP. I rezzed atop a dance platform before a group of beautiful prim breast users and one fellow who were sitting there conversing. Sara was among them, and visually she quite dominated the scene. We chatted (after I realized what I was standing on and hurried off of it!), and she said she owed me thanks for introducing her to prim breasts.

That's happened to me a couple of times now, and it is a joy to me. I replied that seeing her was thanks enough... but I really should have thanked her. Sara is beautiful; should you meet her, be sure to move your eyes away from the obvious and admire her face.

I hope to take some pictures of her before long, and I'll put some up here and on flickr. Thank you, Sara! It was wonderful to see you again.

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