Monday, July 25, 2011

Hispanic/Latin American clothing in Second Life?

I was walking around in one of the Al Andalus sims and it occurred to me that I should wear appropriate clothing. Since then, I've been looking for traditional clothing of Spain and Latin America, and it's not easy to find. Go looking in "women's cultural costumes" and you'll find a whole lot of clothing inspired by Asian clothing, ancient Greek and Roman clothing, Indian clothing, even Native American clothing (some of which I suspect that no actual Native American woman would ever wear). There are some flamenco outfits, and eventually I will try one.

So, does anyone know where one can find a traje de gitana or traje corto, or china poblana in Second Life, or other outfits from the Iberian peninsula or Latin American countries? I'd love to hear about them.

UPDATE: The search is proving to be fun, turning up some very neat clothing. 

UPDATE: Do read the comments! Thanks to L'âme immortelle for the links she has given. (In my explorations, I'm amused to find that one source of flamenco dresses is ATOI, A Touch of Ireland! OTOH, the Irish play quite a role in history; remember that Bernardo O'Higgins, son of a man from County Sligo, was an important figure in the liberation of Chile from Spanish rule.)


L'âme immortelle said...

Hi, I know two good shops but without prim boobs outfits:



Kaseido said...

Actually, the souk in Al Andalus has some *phenomenal* flamenco dresses and other Iberian fashions for crazy cheap - I can't remember the designer's name offhand, but I can get it to you inworld.

Here's an example, and my Al Andalus and Feria sets will show you some more of her work:

Anonymous said...

There are spanish and Mexican outfits at ATOI too.

Anonymous said...

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