Thursday, October 08, 2009

Taking the AO plunge

I have various animations and several copies of the Zhao AO, but I've yet to seriously set up an animation overrider.

I just need to set aside time to pick the animations I want--natural looking (I've seen some that cycle through poses that I can't imagine anyone assuming!), modest, and of course nothing that gets in the way of prim breasts.

Time to search and see what others have found.

UPDATE: Do read the comments; Danball Tureaud mentions a typing animation that stays safely above prim breasts.


Danball Tureaud said...

I have an animation that modifies your typing animation which makes your arms stay above your breasts while making the typing anim. Someone else gave it to me, and I give it to anyone who isn't using it.

Its simple to use, you just put the script and animation in the root prim of your breasts.

Danball Tureaud said...

Also, you have to activate it by removing your breasts and then wearing them again.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Thank you! I expect that will help many add to verisimilitude.