Friday, October 16, 2009

Failed experiment

Sigh. I should have thought about it more carefully.

Had I done it with SL Fashion Police, I'd say "I turned myself in." What I actually did was submit two self-portraits to the "What the Fug?" flickr group. The question: what would they do with photos of someone with prim breasts but dressed modestly, no oiled skin, no nudity or exposed areolae?

And I blew it. Clearly I couldn't submit photos of someone else, but for that kind of blog, printing self-submitted photos would set a bad precedent.

Sorry. I should have asked someone else to submit a photo of me.

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Alicia Chenaux said...

Our Flickr pool participants love to go through each others' flickrs to see what else is in there. :) I'm terribly bad at checking the pool, as they well know, or I would have caught you right away! ;)