Sunday, September 27, 2009


While wandering about, I came upon the lovely Diva sim. It's an island with beautiful trees and buildings and.... giant hummingbirds?!

Cheyenne... we won't get any of these on Whimsy, will we? (whimper...)

(OK...must not think about hummingbirds...)

I saw Luki Davi, the lady to thank for all this beauty (including the items she sells in her store on the island)... she was understandably busy, so I left a thank-you IM and went on my way...

Alas, the lovely buildings and scenery were impeded by something I first noticed when I ran across the "feature" of the arbitrary limit on the number of vertices the client will render at any one time. The limit is modifiable, but I more than doubled it, to no effect. So, move your POV, and things pop into and out of sight. Here's an example:

You can see how pieces of building appear and disappear as we move the point of view. I will drop back to the RC or the release client and try to narrow things down.

UPDATE: It's something to do with, or at least provoked by, having shadows turned on. I see it in Snowglobe and the Emerald client.

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Cheyenne Palisades said...

The hardest thing in the world is to not think about hummingbirds. I'm on Diva right now not thinking about them.