Sunday, September 13, 2009

An uneventful third rezday

(Is that one word? Surely it should be; "birthday" is.)

It must've been uneventful; once again I didn't write about it until the better part of a month later.

In the onward march of SL, I can't quite say shadows are there yet, since they're not official... but were I to do the now vs. then snapshot comparison, I'd definitely use a screen capture with shadows enabled for now.

Three years isn't really old--though it seems that way; SL years are often compared with dog years. I did just have a "You know you've been in SL a long time when" experience, though.

Just now, ironically enough in a CSI:NY rerun (no, not one of those episodes), Mac just said to a guy, "We're not done until a second life sentence is added to [your punishment]" (sorry for the []; I should have typed it immediately rather than trust my short-term memory). Of course, I heard it as "We're not done until a Second Life sentence is added..." and imagined someone in jail in front of a computer with a guard looking over his shoulder to make sure he really was on the grid... yeah, that'll show him.

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