Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ooh, heaven is a room in SL...

Yesterday I was invited to a lovely wooded place to dance. There were dance animations scattered all about, and rose particles floating through the air. I glanced at the location in the SL client window title bar, and found it was called "Heaven in SL."

The dancing was wonderful, as was the company, but Murphy struck; my dancing partner went *poof* and disappeared from the grid. I sighed and started exploring... and found, when I zoomed back, that I was in a very large building! It had a second floor of sorts, similarly set up to tromper one's oeil.

I have to admire the skill with which the illusion is set up, but kind of had higher hopes for heaven. :) It is well worth a visit in any case.

Here I am relaxing in "Heaven in SL." If you look really closely, you can see the doorway about two thirds of the way across (towards the right) at the top.

P.S. There are steps to the second floor, so in SL, there is at least a stairway from heaven...

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