Wednesday, June 13, 2007


LL has moved away from the old user proposal method to a Bugzilla-like system that subsumes both feature requests and bug reports.

A lot of people have grumbled about this, claiming it's too hard to use. I hope that you, Gentle Reader, will not let such kvetching keep you from using the SL JIRA.

The SL Wiki has a page that describes JIRA and how to use it. Even if you don't add items, you can look through those that others have submitted--a good thing to do even if you want to add an item, to see whether anyone's already done so--and vote for those you think particularly deserve attention.

Torley Linden has, if I understand rightly, made entries that correspond to those under the old proposal system. Once I find the item that corresponds to--you guessed it--Prop 125, I will give a link here. In the meantime, I hope you'll consider voting for these:
  • VWR-1080, concerning the problems of tops (and pants) versus concavities
  • VWR-1064, concerning allowing some attachments to go under clothing
More news as I can find it.

UPDATE: I misremembered; Torley's moved some of the proposals with a goodly number of votes in their favor. I will make a JIRA entry corresponding to Prop 125 and give a link ASAP.

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