Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The broad offensive against "broadly offensive"

Today I saw a poster outside a business, reading "Keeping SL Free, Together". Clearly it's inspired by the Orwellian "Keeping SL Safe, Together" entry on the Linden blog. Clicking on the poster gives you a notecard describing why the policies described in that entry are evil, and proposes a peaceful protest. (Alas, the group described in the notecard doesn't exist; I'll update when I can find it.)

[UPDATE: Aha! The poster and notecard are the work of Jazhara Keon. October Hush's blog has an entry with more info and the text of the notecard. According to the comments, it will take a bit longer to get the group going.]

As Tateru Nino points out, LL is incorrect in claiming that the new policies described there are consistent with the previous rules; before, "broadly offensive" content simply had to be kept to mature areas; now all it takes is a complaint, and "broadly offensive" content can get you banished from SL, your land lost and your content removed... and Earth to Lindens: "the community" doesn't say diddly. Individuals and organized groups do, and the new policy is just begging for sanctimonious vigilantes to start campaigns against their favorite "offensive" bugaboo, be it dancing, virtual alcoholic beverages, whatever they consider indecent clothing (anything not a burqa?), homosexuality, furries, religions they don't like... the list is endless.

I urge you to join this peaceful protest. At stake is Second Life as we know it.

[UPDATE: Do read Vint Falken's blog entry pointing out the hypocrisy of the SL promotion of Live Free or Die Hard, a movie featuring, as Daniel Linden might put it, "real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of extreme or graphic violence".]

[UPDATE: D'Oh! I forgot. United Protest's blog is now up and going.]

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