Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sky on My Skirt, IMs on My Tuchis...

Every so often, I notice that I'm arbitrarily stood up from a poseball without my intending to do so. Putting on or taking off something is a sure way to make that happen, but sometimes it happens without apparent stimulus.

Such was this morning. Up I went from a poseball on a bench without having done anything to provoke it. "OK," I muttered, "I'll sit back down," and I did, but then I noticed... this.

Somehow, a snapshot of the scene had been painted on my skirt. It's nominally a miniskirt, but I think it actually goes below that and is just transparent up to the nominal length, because as you can see in the picture, the sky goes all the way down. As you can see if you look closely, there's a tree, and a bit of my IM conversation with Mordecai resides on my posterior. I sat back down, and took a picture for posterity... ah. The IM wrapped around to the front, too!

To show that this isn't by design (though maybe it should be... a sufficiently scenic landscape could make a heck of a skirt!), we append a shot from after I logged off and back on:

This is using the latest First Look SL client for Linux. I'll be posting on the LL forum about the bug and linking back here, since the pictures are here. (I suppose it might drive up blog readership, too, but that wasn't my intent, honest!)

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