Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mild-Mannered Reporter

Mordecai has already written about his start as an SL journalist. I'm particularly happy to note that the new Metaverse Messenger is out and his byline appears on two columns therein!

(OK, by definition, the new Metaverse Messenger is always out, because whichever one is out is the new one... better to say that a new issue has just come out as I type this.)

I look forward to more of his work appearing in (virtual) print!

1 comment:

Mordecai Scaggs said...

Darling you are too modest - one of those by lines is yours as well!And I could hardly do the Lovers Guide without you, now could I? Indeed I would not be doing that column at all if it were not for you, as there would be no reason to, without you for me to love.

And love you I do, darling, one day I shall truly be able to express that love. Until that day, I shall have to content myself with telling you of my love at every given opportunity, such as these comment slots on your blog! :)