Friday, November 11, 2011

A Hunt for Us!

A popular sort of event in Second Life is the "hunt". At various spots there are hidden tokens that one can retrieve and that bear gifts, or that lead one to a gift if one reaches the end. Often they're sponsored by stores--while you're looking for the next token/clue, you're acquainting yourself with their products, which you may not have seen before and which you may decide are worth your L$.

Well... soon there will be a hunt of great interest to us prim breast users. A great many of vendors of prim breast-related items have united to make possible a hunt that sounds really good, featuring new designs--so even if you've heard of all the participating stores, there will be things you've never seen before. (I'm both embarrassed and pleased that I haven't heard of them all before. Embarrassed because I'd like to think I keep up, and pleased because if I don't, then there are more of the wonderful people who make it possible for us to do what we do.)

The Winter 2011 PBCH  (prim breast clothing hunt?) will run from November 21st through December 15th.

I came across a poster advertising the hunt while shopping... I expect that all the participating stores will have such a poster.... and I urge you to make a space available to join the associated group, "PBCH"; you'll need to to participate in the hunt.

Here are the participating shops--but please don't IM the shop owners with questions about the hunt. Ask in group chat for the PBCH group, or ask Hellena Skytower or Ashtoreth Walpole.

(UPDATE: no, really, here they are! I must have been very distracted last night.)

S&S Design
Jinxed Fashion
Aqua Kisses
Sha Boutique
P.S. Design
Whimsy's Closet
Que Bella!
Tiny Things
Amazon Designs
BL Design
It Figures
Hyper Couture
Busty Dreams
~ By Eve ~
Big Breasted Sluts
Designs by Shalenda
MF. Creation
Candy Cloud Clothing
" VOOH " Designs
Vixen Wear

Thank you to Ms. Skytower and Ms. Walpole, and to all the store owners!

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