Monday, November 28, 2011

Firestorm is Officially Released!

Word came to me first from Juggernutz Ivanovic via IM, and then from a blog post by the inimitable Crap Mariner. Heading to the Phoenix/Firestorm web site turned up an announcement and a place to download it: the release version of the Firestorm client.

It includes changes made to avoid deprecated OpenGL calls, which makes Crap very happy and I'm sure will make many other people happy as well. (Problems with those deprecated routines drove some people to 1.x clients, which deprived them of some lovely rendering, which you can see examples of on Crap's blog, and other features.) 

If you've yet to try Firestorm, now would be the time to do it. I think you'll be pleased.


ameira_loire said...

The new release no longer has the problem of never finishing the creation of the LSL bridge. This one crashes as soon as it finishes connecting.

Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Old bugs solved.
New bugs introduced.
Works for some.
Fails for others.


Daniel Boomhauer said...

I've been using the Linden Labs Developer client for so long, I actually like that better than firestorm. It also actually runs a little faster too. Also, has a much better UI. To get the developer client (which has updates nearly two or three times a week), go here: