Friday, January 28, 2011

Yet Another Computer Pricing Exercise

A few days ago the reviews started coming out for nVidia 560-based cards. They may be the new sweet spot for price/performance, as they're coming out at around $250, close to what 1 GB 460s initially cost.

It has been a while since I calculated how much a computer for running Second Life might cost, and hearing about the 560 made me look once again into the question.

I've definitely splurged this time around, made worse by buying a case with power supply and then having to buy another power supply to meet the requirements of the system. (Please, Apevia, consider selling the X-QPACK2 without a power supply!)

Here we go:
Total damage, not including shipping, $882. (I've used rounded figures, so they may not quite add up.) Eep! That's more than I was hoping, but it should run SL very nicely.

UPDATE: The nVidia 560 was too new for the Antec Power Supply Calculator to know about it when I first did this, but now it's there, and I redid the calculations. Judging by it, the graphics card manual, and Apevia's description of the power supply that comes with the QPack-2, I don't think it's necessary to buy another power supply, if you can get away with one of those Molex-to-PCI Express adapters, since technically, the PCI Express power connector includes a voltage not available on the four-pin Molex connectors, though some cards using that connector don't use that particular voltage, so sometimes you can get away with it. If that's the case, that's $90 off the cost (and probably a significant hunk off the shipping, since power supplies are heavy).


Maggie Bluxome said...

Have you thought about going to a standard ATX? To fit in that graphics card? :)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Yes... but the Micro ATX cases are so cute, and small and light and easy to transport. (Not that I'm a LAN party denizen, but it is convenient.)

I admit, they're also so cramped and hard to ventilate, and I doubt there's any Micro ATX motherboard that will let you do SLI or whatever ATI/AMD calls their version thereof--but I can't afford SLI, and so far, the only time I had cooling problems was the time with that broken nVidia driver that didn't speed up the fan.