Saturday, January 15, 2011


SL doesn't have mass media. If it did, people would probably complain about it. There are popular blogs, but what fraction of SL residents read them? A lot of SL podcasts have faded away, sad to say.

That leaves word of mouth, which is one reason I hope those of you who use prim breasts go out into the bigger world.

I had an idea this afternoon that is simple enough that I might even be able to do it myself: make a top that will point out a problem that prim breasts solve in a way that will encourage curiosity and conversation. The problem? Painted-on textures don't behave like clothes do, and the most severe example of it is the most visible concavity covered by clothing: cleavage.

There are people who sell and give away T-shirts with graphics or text on the front. If you're a woman and have the breast size slider up any significant amount, that graphic or text will be a distorted mess thanks to the way the texture is painted on rather than being a separate object.

So... I think a T-shirt that says


on the front would point out the issue. Make it the way all tops for prim breast users are made: a regular T-shirt along with a texture for prim breast clothing layers and an applicator. The regular shirt should have the text as well, and the whole thing should be a freebie; give it away, so non-prim breast users can put the shirt on and see just how bad it looks.

P.S. I talked a bit about this with Maggie Bluxome recently, and I must admit... technically, the T-shirt text isn't quite accurate, since it will be legible with the breast size slider in the range of [0, n] for some value of n. Our goal will be to make n as small as possible.

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