Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Ubuntu T-shirt

Allana Braveheart kindly gave me this Ubuntu T-shirt, which I now proudly wear.

It's ironic, but the only women in Second Life who look right in non-fitted tops are those using prim breasts. If the human body were convex, like a ball or a box, painted-on textures would do just fine for clothing... but it's not. Textures look worst where the human body has concavities, because there, instead of jumping across the concavity, as real clothes would do, painted-on textures are sucked in as if your body were the intake of a really good vacuum cleaner. ("Those jeans look painted on." Well, it's Second Life. They really are painted on!) The most obvious such concavity is cleavage. (The other example brings up the rear, so to speak.) I'm amazed that anyone still makes T-shirts for stock Second Life female avatars featuring artwork or text on the front.

That's yet another thing that I hope will change with mesh's arrival in Second Life. While we wait, learn Blender, Wings3D, or Google Sketchup, and if you don't use Linux, give some thought to trying it.

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Allana said...

Melissa, thank you for the post. The t-shirt is a present to anyone who wants it, freely available and free to be altered to each person's specific shape and size (the appliers' script is modifiable and the texture used is included in the pack).