Thursday, June 24, 2010

Link to Emerald

If you've gone looking for the Emerald SL client lately, you've probably found it somewhat frustrating. They've moved, but the old links still show up at the top of Google searches.

So, to save those who read here the trouble, and, I hope, to move the current link further up the heap, here's where to go for Emerald, or at least, so it seems. I'm a bit puzzled, as the Linux download there is, but OTOH, in the directory where I keep the various SL clients I've fetched, I see a that I fetched last Saturday, and I don't recall where I retrieved it from.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nalates; by all means take the advice from the comment, and head for

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Nalates said...

Actually you can get the latest builds by going to this page:

Your link leads to the 'stable' version.

For those wanting some idea of what the viewer is like before installing it, I write viewer updates.