Friday, January 01, 2010

The shoe dropped

It finally happened. One of the photos I put in the "What the Fug?" flickr group appeared in a What the Fug? blog entry, "Top 10 SL Fashion Disasters of 2009". Prim breasts, according to the author, are the number one disaster of the year, apparently worse than bling, sexualized child avatars, and jeans so shredded as to expose not-normally-exposed areas.

There are several example photos. All show women with varying levels of decolletage (in my case, the neckline only came down to the neck), but with none of the gratuitous nudity, oiled skin, or exposed nipples and areolae of the more usual targets of venom on that sort of web site... so I guess I got the result I was expecting when I first added a couple of photos to the flickr group.

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