Friday, January 29, 2010

Darn it, it's happening again...

I'm back to having SL periodically come to a grinding creep, eating all available CPU cycles. Moving it to another screen helps for a little, and then it happens again. Do that enough, and eventually it crashes. Back to the JIRA, and apologies to my friends for dropping out of the grid unexpectedly.

UPDATE: There's a JIRA entry for what I'm seeing, VWR-16750. If you are an SL resident using Linux, please take a look and vote for it if you're having the same difficulty.

UPDATE: This morning it happened and made my system reboot. After that, I fired it up and saved the logging output... and it ran fine far longer than it took to slow down before. So perhaps something other than SL is causing a problem. Excuse me while I beat my virtual head against a virtual wall.

DOUBLE TAKE: Was I awake when I wrote that? "grinding creep" sounds like an obnoxious guy working at a coffeehouse.

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