Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kannonji Zen Retreat

While I had the Zen monk robes on, I went searching for "Zen". Among the first things I found was the Kannonji Zen Retreat.

It's a beautiful place, with evergreens (cryptomeria, perhaps?) growing in a snowy landscape with paths set in large rocks.

There is space for group mediation and lectures, though no Zen master was there to whack me when my attention strayed.

Hotei awaits you along the path...

Over the bridge and up the mountain, you come upon Tibetan prayer wheels.

There are private residences in the area; pass them by in peace and you will come to a store that sells many things. Not all are associated with Buddhism, but all that I saw there for sale was quite lovely. I hope you'll pay the Retreat a visit.

P.S. I have the sad duty to report that it looks like the Buddhist temple at Varosha is gone from SL. I hope that Kannonji stays in SL for a long, long time.

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Jiun Foster, SDPS said...

I thought I might mention here that on Saturday, March 17th at 7pm Eastern (4pm in SL) I will be giving a dharma talk at kannonji, including a Q&A period, as well as dharma interviews.

Everyone is welcome.