Friday, July 03, 2009

Flexible scuplted prims

They exist, at least in testing versions; you'll recall that there's a test version of Imprudence that supports them.

I'll be happy when they're official. Cheyenne has already described the strangeness of current hair using sculpted prims; they won't look right until they can be flexible like the rest of prim hair.

They have other applications as well--I wonder if you could make a realistic looking springboard with them?--but I will admit to wanting them for realistic jiggle. I am grateful for the efforts of people like Raven Ivanova of Smashing Prims, but doing it up right will require flexible sculpted prims...

...but that by itself may not be enough, I fear. Prim breast makers, and a growing number of stores that specialize in clothing that works with prim breasts (yay!), make actual tops that are tops, rather than just painted-on textures. Given the way prim breasts work, they're really one attachment, with the top attached to the prim breasts. So, question: how's that going to work with flexible sculpted prims? I hope that clothiers and prim breast makers are experimenting with this against the day that flexible sculpted prims become official.

P.S. Bless all of you out there who specialize in clothing for prim breasts, but I hope you will consider the following... pretty please?
  1. Some of us wish to be modest varying amounts of the time. (Some more than others.)
  2. Please consider expanding the set of prim breast makers you support to include Foxbean Laboratories products.

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