Thursday, July 24, 2008

Srizonified Proprietary Drivers

One of the problems with Linux is actually a problem with hardware manufacturers--some of them don't provide the information needed to write full-featured Open Source drivers for their products, and thus one winds up in the situation I find myself in today.

Today there was an update to the Linux kernel. nVidia's refusal to allow full-featured Open Source drivers for their graphics cards means that I can't upgrade the kernel until the hackery needed to make nVidia's srizonified binary blob work with it is done and available in the Hardy Heron repositories.

ATI, perhaps with the prodding of their new owners, AMD, have finally started releasing information on at least some of their recent graphics hardware, and I'm hoping that there will be Open Source drivers for them with feature and speed parity with the Windows drivers. Once that is the case, nVidia can kiss my business goodbye.

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